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ASSOCIATION OF CITIZEN CONTRACTORS TANZANIA (ACCT) is a contractors association registered in February 2011 under the Societies Act, cap 337 R.E. 2002 with objectives to safeguard the Tanzania local contractor’s interests and advocate professionalism in the Tanzania construction industry.

To be the leading construction industry representative body in Tanzania and east Africa.

To promote the image of the local Contractors by enabling members to deliver a professional construction service and create a fair environment conductive to the profitable and efficient operation of contracting business to the benefit of both members and their clients.

Our Fundamental Values
-Service Excellence
-Quality Workmanship
-Integrity and Respect
-Superior Leadership
-Continuous construction knowledge improvement

Types of Members:
There two types of membership namely; Ordinary members and Affiliate members
Ordinary Members are all local (citizen) contractors registered with Contractor’s Registration Board (CRB) in all categories and lasses are eligible.
Affiliate members are those who are Construction materials and Equipment suppliers, Construction materials manufactures and financial institutions i.e. Banks and Insurance companies.

Objectives of the Association (some few major)

Short Term Goals of the association
•To prepare and organize tailored made Training to Members
•To develop links with Suppliers/manufactures of construction materials and equipments
•To develop links with other Contractor’s associations within and outside the country
•To address current challenges facing contractors and have a round table dialogue with relevant Government bodies discussing how to solve them.

Long Term Goals of the association
•To establish an association’s Bank
•To establish tailored made vacation training college for all construction trades
•To establish a commercial investment to enable the sustainability of the association
•To assist capacity building to citizen contractors so as to enable them compete internationally.    

Code of Ethics
-Maintain high standards in the contracting industry and to promote professionalism in the industry.
-Team Work
We believe in working as a term helping each other to overcome difficulties and achieve common goal.

Why you should become a member of ACCT.

When you become a member of ACCT you will easily access
•Tender Information – a monthly subscribed member’s emails containing details of available and potential works both national and regional.
•Industry Intelligence – a monthly update on tender results, issues affecting members and the industry in general.
•Dispute Resolution – between members or members and clients including full mediation and arbitration services.
•Tender uplift Service for members operating out of Tanzania. A service that collects tender documents and ensures delivery by overnight mail.
•Information of current construction rates and how to build unit rates of different works.
•Provision and interpretation of contract documents.
•Supplies of all essential documentation (such as construction contracts, methods of measurement, labour contracts, Codes of Practice for Tendering).   
•Government Relations – information on current legislation and knowledge that you will be well represented on matters affecting your industry.
•Assistance in all aspects of Labour Relations matters.
•Technical development through specially designed training courses, seminars and conferences.
•Direct and personal assistance through an emergency help line on Tendering, Health and Safety, labour and Contracting.
•Recognition and Credibility – by being a member of the country’s foremost contractor’s association on your contracting capacity vetted by independent inspectors.
•Money saving – discounts on publications, training courses and materials from some suppliers.
•Networking with contractors – get to know who else is in the industry through the membership Directory and take the opportunity to meet with the industry at various business and social functions organized throughout the year.
•Employee information – be able to recruit the best administration and technical personnel through our Bulletin that regularly advises on who is looking for employment in the industry.

ACCT’s work is focused on establishing and maintaining a healthy construction industry.

•Educating the industry to employ the finest skills
•Promoting building the best quality projects for owners – public and private
•Focusing on providing our members legislative support, representation and lobbying.
•Information and access to cutting-edge ideas, insights to trends and developments,
•How-to adopts information technology, professional development and skills training.
•Value. Direct and measurable benefits saving members more than they are spending on their membership dues.
•Industry advocacy
•Education and training

ACCT partnership with affiliate members.  i.e. Suppliers, manufacturer, Banks and Insurance company help members to acquire various services, where ACCT becomes a guarantor.
•Minet Insurance
Is enabling members to obtain insurance service in their projects e.g. Performance Bond, Advance payment Bond etc
•Goldstar paints
Paints and decoration materials
•Afro Supplies
Building materials
•Equity Bank
Enabling members to obtain working capital and other banking services that will be used in executing their projects.

How to join ACCT
You can physically visit our offices at the location stated above and obtain an application form at a fee of Tsh. 10,000/= fill it and return to our offices for further processes OR down load from our website www.acct.co.tz and fill it, deposit the fee for the form (10,000/=) in ACCT account no. 02037980005, BOA Bank, scan the pay in slip and send by e-mail address info@acct.co.tz. The form without the pay-in-slip will not be processed.

Association of Citizen Contractors Tanzania (ACCT)

4th Floor, SKYCITY MALL, Plot No. 403/1&3, Block A,

Along the Mlimani Road, Mlalakuwa Area,

Dar es salaam, Tanzania.
Executive Secretary - ACCT
Ms. Levina H. Muro 

Email: info@acct.co.tz  Web: www.acct.co.tz